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Best Standards You Can Ask For Including
Tempcore Certificate:CRM Belgium

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TopTech Pioneers In TEMPCore?

  • Most advanced TMT bars employed in the form of Tempcore process at best prices.
  • Save 17 % steel compared to normal TMT, specially Fe415 and Cost effective also.
  • Top raw material & manufacturing components with strict test process ensuring prefect shape, thickness and standard.
  • Top manufacturing process with using latest technology and conformed to international standards of CRM, Belgium
  • Top Quality Standard 500D

Why You Should Only Choose TopTech TMT Bar, Real Edge, Azar & More?

International Quality TMT Bars

TopTech 500D is at par with the latest standards set by Bureau of Indian standards (BIS).Ensures Consistency in strength reducing chemical impurities.

Right Pricing

We offer best quality at the best price. Ensure at least 20% savings comapred to all other TMT brands in India.

Excellent After-sales Service

Efficient distribution network, you get all support near you. Widespread sales network, dedicated team of sales engineers to offer personalized services and right advice.

Proven advanced Design

Perfect shape, uniform thickness and equal standard length for maximum consistency and strength.

Earthquake Resistant Steel

India’s best earthquake resistant steel at amazing price range. Certified and tested.

International Standards

Conformed to International standards of CRM, Belgium. Compliant to IS: 1786 standards for strength and ductility.

For All Your Construction Requirements, We Are Here To Assist You Anytime.

TMT Bar Is The Essential Component For Construction.
TMT Bars Are Used Along With Brick, Cement, Stonechip, Flyash Bricks In Any Construction