TMT bar for Construction-Industry

5 Important Safety Tips for the Workers of the Construction Industry

Getting In and Out of Equipment Trust it or not, one of the leading reasons for injuries to equipment administrators are getting in and out of their equipment. Be that as it may, you can easily bring down the risk of your workers getting injured by having your workers take after these means: – Check…



Know the applications of diverse grades of TMT bars

TMT steel bars play a vital role in reinstating the general concrete in constructing bridges as well as different other concrete constructions. They are the most sought-after construction materials for use in increasing the height of the buildings. This is due to their higher strength that allows builders to save much of the utilization of…



Explore the features of superior quality modern days Fe 500D TMT steel bars

The news channel often broadcast the report of collapsing multi storied building, flyovers and other etc. The public and the authority blames the contractor. In most of the cases, the use of inferior quality building materials is one of the reasons. Especially the inferior quality of steel bars is filled with good amount of carbon.…



Know the Latest Trends of the Indian Real Estate Market

TopTech is the most trusted online resource for you to know the latest commercial as well as the residential property price trends not only for cities in and around West Bengal but also across entire India. You can view these price trends in the form of graphs or tables from the locality’s rent and sale…



Top Reasons to Use Right TMT Bars for Construction Purposes

Thermo Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars are one of the most commonly used steel bars today for construction purposes, the others being High Yielding Strength Deformed (HYSD) bars and Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) bars. Constructors and even homeowners themselves are opting for these bars. Find out about some of the top reasons to use…



5 Simple Thumb-rules that can Save Your Expenses of Construction

Everyone wishes to have a perfect abode of his own. Building one’s own dwelling is perhaps the greatest investment of life and therefore, everyone desires to reap the maximum benefit. His priority becomes lowering costs in different parameters and finally, saving on his budget. Steel bars are one of the essential elements in constructing a…



Steel Manufacturing Process – Some Essential Facts to Share

Do you have any idea when steel manufacturing has evolved in the market? It’s been from 19th century that this manufacturing process has emerged in the industry. Modern steel manufacture uses coal in their production process. Traditionally, iron and limestone were used as the raw materials for the same. How is steel produced in this…


Constructing Home

A Guide to Follow Before You Start Constructing Your Home

Are you planning to start building your dream home this year? It may seem easy, but in actuality, it is not. There could be many hurdles to cross and many obstacles to remove. Here is a short list of guidelines that you should follow to be able to make it smoother: Choosing the builder If…


Earthquake Resistant Building

Some Facts about Making Buildings resistant to an Earthquake

India is a nation where numerous major earthquakes have occurred over the past small number of decades. Various regions of the nation have been demolished by this natural catastrophe. Such occurrences have only revealed the nation’s vulnerable building designs and codes. Following such occurrences, the administration has taken stringent measures in the implementation of construction…


Benefits Of Buying 500 D

What Are The Various Benefits Of Buying 500 D?

500 D is the steel bars used widely for building constructions owing to superior strength, reliable properties like corrosion resistance, higher ductility, age resistance and rust resistance. Such steel bars never age and show high-quality rib patterns. They can be used for a variety of applications. The great strength and ductility of  500 D It…


Fe 500 & Fe 500D TMT Steel Bars

Fe 500 & Fe 500D TMT Steel Bars – Where lies the difference?

Can you say – which is the backbone of any concrete structure? Is it the concrete or the bricks? No… It is TMT steel bars. Just as spinal cord supports our body and bears our whole weight, similarly TMT bars reinforce concrete structures and stand the load of beams, columns, slabs, building and also the…