The advanced manufacturing process of TopTech TMT Bars makes it well surpass the minimum limit of strength and ductility specified in the standard IS: 1786. The yield strength also far exceeds the standard norms and specifications. The UTS/YS ratio and percentage elongation that determine the seismic property of a rebar, is also very high in TopTech TMT Bars. This significantly enhance its ability to handle the pressure of earthquakes.

TopTech TMT Bars are manufactured after the incoming scraps are analyzed for chemical composition and are segregated for unwanted material like Cast Iron, non-metallic, non-ferrous, etc. The billets are tested to maintain the certified composition of Carbon, Sulphur & Phosphorus much lower than the specification. This results in more longevity, excellent ductility, higher bendability, better corrosion resistance and superior weldability and enhances its intrinsic quality to withstand load under adverse conditions.