Sturdy Build – TopTech TMT Bars exhibit consistent superior strength and high ductility which ensures superior structures.

Corrosion Resistant – The controlled thermo mechanical treatment results in an uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim, completely free from internal stress. This martensitic rim improves the corrosion resistance as well as fatigue strength.

Seismic Resistance – They support Seismic design due to its unique combination of strength, ductility and stress ratio.

High Dimension Tolerance – The section weights are very close to the nominal values specified in BIS code. This ensures higher meter age per unit weight of Re-bars as compared to ordinary Re-Bars.

Controlled Chemical Composition – Hot rolled from superior billets, which have uniform chemical composition like low carbon content and high manganese content.

Fire Resistant – Higher thermal stability in comparison to conventional CTD Bars , helps in retaining more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300°C, thus making it safer even in Fire Hazards.

Superior Bendability – Manufactured by an advanced Quenching Process, which results in a tough outer surface and a soft core. This provides the Re-bars good bendability and workability.

Excellent Weldability – Low carbon content makes them highly weldable, in comparison to ordinary Re-bars and require no pre or post welding treatment.